Monday, 20 June 2011

The week begins

An obvious thing to say on a Monday morning, but today is more significant because we will re-occupy our office in the CEPS (Canterbury Educational Printing Services) building. I don't think there was much mess, but I didn't see what happened with the second big shock last Monday; we left after the first one caused a campus wide lockdown.

Five of us occupy the pre-press office, with a window through to the administration/reception area. Nikki Saunders in the foreground prepares the Course Readers, while Jess and I occupied the two corner desks doing LMS administration and other projects.

Since these photos were taken, we've switched ends. Richard Holliday and Aimee Leaning do pre-press and external ordering for the printery and they now sit at the other end, by the window to reception so they can help visitors if the administrator isn't around. Jess now has Richard's desk, and I've taken Aimee's place. Nikki stayed in the same spot.

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