Saturday, 16 July 2011

A big week

The school term has ended, with Heather absolutely shattered. She's been doing her own job and that of her boss for this term, while her boss is off travelling. There was a staff member supposedly trained to fill in for the boss, but he spent his time (a) running down the present system, (b) saying that a new unproved and untested system would be better, and (c) wrecking the server and its client connections by tinkering without backups. I call down the mighty powers of ITIL upon such people! Anyway, she survived the term and got all the reports out, and now she's ready for a holiday - and as luck would have it, we're off to Sydney in the morning.

I'm attending the 2011 Australian Moodle Moot from Monday to Wednesday, and I get a hotel room of course, so Heather just has to pay for a return trip. The trouble is, on university budgets we're encouraged to take the cheapest flights (and as we're paying for one fare we agree), so we're on a 6am Pacific Blue flight. That means being at the airport by 4.30am, which means leaving here at 4am, which means that Paul Nicholls (one of our developers who's also attending) gets picked up at 3.45am then carries on to collect us. That's almost the day before we leave!

We'll arrive in Sydney at 8.30am, through immigration and customs by 9.30, and in town by 10am to drop our bags at the hotel and go off for some sight seeing. We don't have any commitments until we go to the opening drinks and registration at 5pm, then we'll collect Heather and have a meal somewhere. I suspect we'll be asleep by 9pm after such a long day.

We have most of Thursday to look around Sydney, then we arrive back in Christchurch at midnight on Thursday, ready to show up at work on Friday. I doubt I'll do much more than clear my emails, but it will get me ready for the following Monday when I'll really be on the job.

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