Saturday, 23 July 2011

There and back

Sydney was nice for the first day, then the weather turned to a wet southerly that is keeping the city in gumboot mode. (Very trendy pattern-print gumboots, of course.) The homeless guys still camp out in their furnished niches on street corners, the business guys race about in Italian suits with no coats or umbrellas, and the traffic becomes even worse.

We did very little on our final day, because we couldn't go anywhere. We landed up riding the free city shuttle bus, up Elizabeth St and back down George St, to do some sight seeing and to stay dry.

Anyway, the Moodle Moot was very valuable, with quite a few helpful ideas, and we had a nice time being out of Christchurch. The trans-Tasman flight is really just a bus ride these days, with no real feeling of travel apart from the grumpy processes of immigration and customs. We might as well have gone to Hokitika, in terms of a Travel Experience.

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