Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big day out for the old folks

We went to Mt Hutt yesterday, with Darren Armstrong in his Toyota Surf, with old mate Robin Judkins along for the day. We hadn't skied with RJ since - um- 1985 (ish). Anyway, we had a hoot of a time, skiing at a seriously brisk pace, picking out interesting lines, and behaving like a bunch of 40 year olds.

Sadly, about 2pm Juddy hit some ruts while doing high speed turns in Exhibition Bowl, and came unstuck, dislocating his right shoulder - for the third time. Ouch. He was taken down by the patrol, and in the medical room they gave him a big whiff of nitrous, and manipulated his shoulder back into place. He was a lot better after a cup of tea, and reckons he can use his arm, but he's going to be a while getting full mobility back. He's determined, though, and he can cope with a few Ouch moments, silly old bugger. (Make that "buggers", it could have easily been me.)

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Bob McKerrow said...

The incorrigable Judkin's puts his shoulder out again.

Why doesn't Juddy stick to more dedate activities, such as rocking chairing?