Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cera has spoken

When people speak of CERA, I either hear Doris Day's "Que sera sera", or Bob Dylan's lament for lost love. It was a bit of each yesterday, as we opened the package containing our offer to purchase our River Road house at the 2007 valuation.

The money is as we were promised when the deal was announced (in spite of my suspicions), and is exactly what we offered for the house at Alpine View Lane. However it's still sad to say goodbye to the house at River Road, and a great group of neighbours. Sad though the loss is, que sera sera - you can't argue with earthquakes, and we've come through this with a good final result.

We'll be getting the documents to our lawyers as soon as possible, and hope to have the sale all organised in a month or so. The government is expecting to process around 200 offers a day, and we'd like to be early in the queue, so we don't have to pay interest on our bridging finance for too long.

But first, we've organised a day skiing on Monday with friends. Got to get the priorities right!

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