Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Feeling it deeply

With the good weather, we've started exercising - skiing on Monday (Juddy is good, but full healing will take time), then I biked to work at lunchtime, as the power was being reorganised to the Kirkwood Village from 8am-1pm. I worked from home 8-11.30am, biked to university, ate a quick lunch, then went into a presentation from a helpdesk software company. A couple of hours on support jobs, then home at 6.30, via the pub for a quick pint.
My 12.5km ride to work, tracked by My Tracks on the Viewpad.
Heather went for her first swim in ages today, and felt well below peak performance, and I found my ride a bit hard. Now I'm sitting here with sore calf muscles and a tender bum. Serves us right for letting exercise drop over the last month - maybe the two snowstorms, buying a house, and dealing with ruined household effects got in the way. And Heather running the reporting system at SBHS on her own while the person in charge went tripping round Europe. And our group shifting our office twice in 4 months. And a trip to Sydney for a week. Et cetera.

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