Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's happened!

30 Alpine View Lane, Burwood

We've gone unconditional, as they say in real estate land - in other words, we've bought a house! Just like that! Actually, it's been days of emails and phone calls, tying the three strands of insurance, bank, and lawyers together. Well, the lawyers didn't really take much tying, to be true, but it's been a case of making sure everyone knew what everyone else knew. One last missing report was found this morning, and everything suddenly clicked, and by late morning we knew the sale would happen.

We take possession on the 12th of September, but we'll take our time before we move in. We have to look after Leanne's house and feed Tom the resident cat, until December. The new house is a block away, so we can get our stuff put in the garage then move in when we are ready. Heather would like to get the minor cosmetic EQC repairs done before we move in, as decorating is much easier in an empty house, so that's another factor.

Anyway, we're really happy - and we'll take possession a year after leaving 393 River Rd, almost to the day. Cosmic.

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Merevale Corner Book Sharing Group said...

hey Gregor- really pleased about your purchase. House looks great and will suit you both- Wanakaish feel about the area. I bike through Alpine View to get to Bottle Lake. Get the coffee and muffins ready