Monday, 29 August 2011

Up and at it

I went skiing today, with my yachting accomplice Darren Armstrong, and Grant Bush, senior server/network consultant at UC. Heather should have come too, because yesterday she bought new ski boots (the first in 20+ years) but she's feeling the pressure at work, with term reports due and SBHS's impending move back to the North Parade site.

Yet again I took no photos, but it was a pretty featureless day; high overcast, flat light at times (thankfully not too many), and firm but crunchy snow. Mount Hutt hasn't had a great season, and there are large patches of gravel and rock showing, and a surprising amount of pebbles on the snow surface, possibly a grooming boo-boo. The skifield has a real "end of season" look, with dust and dirt from the carpark making the slopes below the road brown and dismal. So it was again reduced skiing, on main groomed runs only. At least we could ski a groomed run down to the triple chair, which provided some variety.

The three of us - Darren on snowboard, Grant and me skiing - were all about the same pace, and we stayed as a trio for the day. Now I'm tired but happy, rubbing Voltaren gel into a sore left knee and administering medicinal alcohol.

NZ Ski have electronic tickets - a credit card that you keep in your pocket, to count your rides and vertical skied. My 3 days are fairly consistent, really, considering that 22 Aug stopped an hour early because of Juddy's crash.

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