Monday, 12 September 2011

Home and housed

30 Alpine View Lane
We won't be moving in for a while for various reasons - EQC tidy-up, looking after the rented house, buying replacement furniture - but we now have a house, only 300m from where we are renting. It's a very suburban, very standard design, but we feel really at home with the place. It has a nice scale, and it's laid out well for the sun. The garden is rougher than I thought at first look, but that will provide Heather with a challenge that I'm sure she'll enjoy.

UPDATE: Thursday 15th. Mana Transport are bringing our household effects this morning. Some items (mainly beds and clothing) were damaged by liquefaction when their building opened up in the Feb 22 quake, so that has to stay in bins at Mana till EQC pay the contents claim. The stuff that arrives this morning will be stacked in the garage while we wait for minor gib-stopping and painting to be done - assuming EQC give approval. One step forward, one step back.

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