Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Skiing again

A great day at Mt Hutt today, for Heather and me, Alice, and my work colleague Grant Bush. The snow was the best I'd encountered in my 5 days this season; better coverage after recent top-ups, and still soft after 3 days. It did get wet and then a bit chunky/frozen later in the day, but we had a ball, skiing groomed and ungroomed, 5-10cm of soft snow over hardpack.

Heather was wearing her new ski boots for the first time, and after a few initial adjustments she was amazed at the difference they made. Alice was trying some rental gear, and had problems with the boots - she got a pair that fitted, same brand interestingly enough, from the on-mountain hire shop, and then her day improved.

We skied the big face below The Towers a couple of times, down the Log Chute gully once (but it was a bit like hard work) and Exhibition Bowl 4 or 5 times. Traffic in Exhibition could be a bit busy at times, with lots of teenage kids going flat out, but we found room for some good turns. If this has to be the last day of the season, I don't mind - though that's not certain, by any means.

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(No photos, by the way - too busy having fun.)

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