Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back in time

Thanks to the wonders of the International Date Line, we're going to watch the Sunday night RWC quarter final on Saturday night. Kick-off is at 9.30pm Raro time, so we'll go into town about 8.30-9.00 to find a pub with a big screen, and hopefully a place to sit.

We went to the Avarua Market this morning. It's a bit of a tourist trap, but we had a good time watching all the activity. The amount of fast food available was quite amazing, though how the stalls all make money I can't work out. The middle of the day was really hot, so we lounged about indoors with fans creating a cool breeze. In later afternoon we went round to the south coast and tried another snorkelling spot, but it wasn't as good as the place we discovered last year, near the Little Polynesian Hotel. We went there yesterday, and it was really great, so we'll stick to our favourite spot from now on. We did see a moray eel lurking under a coral formation though, waiting for a meal to swim by, so we gave that a wide berth.

Now it's time to prepare dinner, then go out to watch the rugby. It's a tough life...

Tomorrow David and I are going to do the cross-island walk, which takes about 4 hours. We're planning to start really early, as close to 6am as our post-rugby bodies can get started, to try to beat the heat. We should finish about lunch time, when Heather and Brenda will arrive to collect us.
(Left - a young girl dancing for coins at the market.)

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