Thursday, 20 October 2011

Back to ground level

We arrived back in Auckland at 10.30am yesterday, then spent 30 minutes decoding Auckland's weird, contradictory, and badly signposted transit bus arrangements. Once we'd been bussed to the domestic terminal, we had the other Auckland airport fun experience - the overpriced cafe. We should have had Subway or McDonalds, it would have been cheaper, nicer, and probably better for us.

Arrival in Christchurch at 2pm was via stairs to the runway and a quick dash to to the terminal building, in horizontal rain. From 27 to 7 in 6 hours!

Today I went to work but by lunchtime I just had to put my leg up, so I printed a bunch of grant applications and came home to make lunch, then read the applications and made notes. It's what I'd have been doing if I'd stayed at my desk, so I don't feel too guilty. If I hadn't fallen asleep on the sofa, I'd feel even less guilty!

I visited the doctor at 4pm and got a locum I've met before - a very nice guy, with good advice. He thinks I may have a partial tear to the top of my Achilles tendon. I go for ultrasound and x-rays at 8am tomorrow. It's obviously not a full Achilles tear, or I wouldn't be walking at all, so I'm in for rest and a 2 month wait while it all heals up. I guess our Nelson bike ride is relegated to the autumn.

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