Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rolling on

The shifting operation is gathering momentum. Tomorrow I meet some cabling guys at Alpine View Lane so they can run network, TV, and speaker cables. There will be Cat 6 network from the study to the TV & home theatre, and to the dining room below the small TV. (That connection is for my laptop, but could go to a TV later.) Then coax will run to both TVs from the UHF antenna on the roof, so we'll have Freeview all round. Four speaker cables will give us full surround sound from the Samsung BluRay home theatre unit.

As I write this, Heather is going around a diagram of the house ("No, it's not remotely to scale, it's just a bunch of boxes") and marking power outlets. In honour of future boat building, I've requested a few more points above the work bench down the left side of the garage; the others will double the power outlets in the bedrooms, and the kitchen. In a modern sustainable environment, all this power use is a bit embarrassing, really.

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