Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A small adventure

The Needle, the high point of the Cross Island walk
A sudden halt to the active side of this holiday - David Russell and I set off early yesterday to do the Cross Island Walk, and after a solid uphill hour we reached The Needle then set off down the south side to the Papua Waterfall. About 1/4 of the way down the steep track, my left shoe slipped on some dry dirt, and I caught my right foot under my thigh as I slid down a metre or so. The result was a well sprained ankle and a torn muscle on the outside of my right calf.

Dave on the uphill section
After a rest I was able to carry on, but very slowly, with the aid of a stick. After another hour or so, we were stopped for a rest and a drink when a tour group caught up with us. Their guide, Pa, has done this trip over 4000 times, and best of all he had a first aid kit. He taped up my ankle and I felt a lot better after that. He also provided a lot of support - literally, grabbing me firmly on the gnarly tree root sections and propping me up through the rocky stream crossings. When we made it to the waterfall Heather and Brenda had arrived to meet us, and we were soon back at the house where I had a shower and lay on the sofa with an ice pack on the ankle.

After resting for the afternoon it was still swollen and tender, but I was able to walk on it carefully. Just as well, because we were booked for the Sunday barbecue at the Yellow Hibiscus restaurant on the south coast - it was really great, with friendly staff (I was called "Pops" by one waitress!), and a superb buffet of salads and other dishes.

So it looks like I'm in for several days of lying around reading (Rumpole Omnibus), watching videos (a huge collection of UK dramas and TV series), and taking Panadols. Ho hum. I think after another day or two I should be OK to return to the daily snorkelling expedition, though.

David and Brenda return to NZ tomorrow, then Phil and Wendy return home in the weekend. We have a few more days with them before leaving on Tuesday 18th, arriving on Wednesday 19th after crossing the Date Line. Hopefully I'll be walking well enough by then to get through the airport hassles.

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