Monday, 31 October 2011

The week begins

A slow start to the week; physio for my leg at 8.30am, followed by a dental checkup at 9.00am. I have to take a big dose of antibiotics before I go to the dentist, to reduce the risk of infections in my "recent" hip operation site. It's a year since the operation, but apparently such sites can remain susceptible to infection for several years.

As my friend Julian Hawes is back in hospital with a shoulder operation that became infected, and the operation has been reversed entirely, I've had a timely reminder of the consequences of infected surgery sites. I visited Julian on Saturday and he's happy enough, but unable to use his right arm for quite some time. He may be in hospital for a week or two yet, and then he'll have an antibiotic pump on his belt, feeding into a permanently attached line. And of course infections like this can become full blown septicemia, which can be fatal. So I'll take the pills and won't grumble.

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