Sunday, 20 November 2011

Are we there yet?

News from the World's Slowest House Move:

We are finding stuff at times, and still not finding other stuff. We thought we'd lost our pots, but they showed up today in a box labelled "Misc". But we still don't have the big-huge-enormous stainless steel bowl, or the Le Creuset cast iron casserole. I wonder if they're in the box labelled "Bathroom - heavy" but we don't want to open that till the bathroom cabinets and fittings arrive. Maybe the packers thought the casserole was a commode.

However, we have progress in other areas. The curtain rails are now all where they should be, and the small surround sound speakers are wall-mounted in the corners of the living room. I may sneak back one night this week and hook up the rest of the home theatre, but I don't want to make the place a burglar magnet, especially as we have to start a new contents policy with State on the 1st of December.

I guess it can wait another three weeks; we will do The Real Move on the weekend of 10-11 December, as we had to give the telco time to switch us. We're leaving TelstraClear for Snap, a locally based firm with a really good deal - and a helpdesk staffed by English speaking Kiwis. Phone numbers and email addresses will continue unchanged. I know that's a brave statement, but I'm starting this process in a mood of optimism.

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