Sunday, 13 November 2011

World's slowest house shift continues

The furniture (well, 2/3 of it) arrived on Thursday afternoon, and immediately the house appeared more real. On Friday we got serious about unpacking the mountain of stuff in the garage. A lot of it appears depressingly old and tired, I must say - we're making some pretty ruthless decisions about what we will keep.
Our new sofa in our glass-surround living room corner.

Some odd things have cropped up, or rather they haven't cropped up. We are missing a box that contains a le Creuset 20cm red casserole, our set of cooking pots, and another small casserole - about the most essential kitchen equipment you could need. The weird thing is that the casserole lids were in another box, which we have got. Anyway, it's only stuff - if we really need it again, we'll buy it; the EQC payment hasn't all been spent yet. Oh, and a soup ladle.

The other down side of having stuff in storage is that it comes with thousands of sheets of newsprint paper used for wrapping. Finally today I was forced to do a trip to the dump with a trailer, full of just cardboard and paper. Then I did another trip with old furniture; 3 or 4 chairs, 2 lazyboys in tasteful 70s brown tweed, and a single mattress, all destined for the Eco Shed, or whatever they call it nowadays. I'm hoping to be named Recycler of the Day, but I haven't had a phone call. (Though Heather's been talking to Elaine for 40 minutes, maybe that's why.)

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