Sunday, 25 December 2011

Ready for the crowd

Yesterday was a rush of activity. It started with doing the shopping that got postponed because of Friday's quakes; the fruit and vege market was packed out, with the carpark overflowing onto Marshland Rd and long checkout queues clogging the aisles, but all good humoured. Then to Stanmore New World to find that they were still cleaning up and restocking, opening at noon. Off to Northwood New World, where I joined a 10-15 minute queue - just to get in the door! Once inside it wasn't too bad, though areas of the shop were cordoned off because of breakages - mostly the wine aisle.

That took till lunch time, then we started on the rest of the pictures and mirrors to go up. That took a couple of hours, leaving us with only a group of photos for the entry hall that we're not 100% sure about - so we've put those on hold.

In the evening I roasted a couple of chickens, watched a bit of TV, and faded off to bed to read the obligatory three pages and fall asleep. Now it's Christmas morning, and I'm having another coffee while I await orders. Heather's out of the shower and practising her cat-feeding rituals, so action stations will soon be called.

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