Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Three more sleeps

From 54 Waitikiri Drive (top) to 30 Alpine View Lane; a short shift.
I'm taking a day's leave on Friday to pack up and prepare things for a 300 metre shift on Saturday. Our aim is to sleep in the Alpine View Lane house on Saturday night, and that should be manageable; we need to move our clothing and bedroom dressers etc, then it's just a matter of going through the rental house identifying our stuff and putting that into boxes. And the potted plants - a couple of trailer loads. I hope that Snap move our phone (number remains unchanged) and internet on Friday afternoon, as they've promised.

It's not quite as funky as a shift our family did about 1962, when we moved between two big old houses in Don St, Invercargill, where the Police Station is now. For reasons too complicated to explain, we moved from our original house to the identical house next door, so it was a matter of going from one house to the identical room in the new house. We did it with wheelbarrows; full ones out the front door and empty ones through a gap in the fence near the back yard. The whole neighbourhood came out to watch!

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Ross said...

You know I would've loved to have been there - 1962 I mean! ha ha. Good luck for the weekend - I've done a couple of supermarket bag moves. You can get almost anything in a bag (except the wheelbarrow)and they are "self settling"