Saturday, 17 December 2011

We did the final clean-up at Leanne's place today, including two trailer loads of garden cleanup debris, and a separate trip of cardboard and the broken dresser from the shift. We took a hard rational decision and decided it really wasn't worth repairing, so out it went. Three trips to the dump took care of $30, then we'll buy back some of today's garden waste as compost later in the summer. Not a bad business for the CCC; people pay to give you the raw materials for your product!

Progress continues in the house. We had our first barbecue today, on our new 4-burner hooded barbecue, $200 from the Warehouse with a special deal on the cover, $40. Pictures are going up, the garage is almost usable, and we've removed the pantry doors so working in the kitchen is a lot easier - though less pretty. Sgtill, function beats appearance every time when it comes to kitchens, and the doors when open blocked the microwave and oven, and the fridge on the other side. I find that access to these is critical when I cook, so off came the annoying doors.

Now we have a week to prepare for the Bridgman/Crowther Christmas. Luckily we're providing the meat, so the cooked ham on the bone that I won at the pub last week is going to be very handy. I'm also planning to barbecue/roast two rump steak roasts, and two chickens will be roasted in the oven. That will be more than enough, but any leftovers can supplement my birthday BBQ we're doing the next day, for 10-20 people. The two days will become an extended housewarming, really.

Those two events should settle the house in to its entertainment function, I reckon. Then we'll blob out for a week. [UPDATE: Monday 19th, turns out the fancy Whirlpool dishwasher is broken, parts will take ages, we'll be hand washing dishes for Xmas Day and the BBQ. Bugger!]

Some photos; a better album will happen in a few more days, when we have pictures and mirrors up.

The kitchen viewed from the dining table 
Dining/family room
Living room, with pictures and other stuff awaiting a home
Heather and Vida have the study under control

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PHil said...

No dishwasher? That's what paper plates were invented for. - Cheers, Phil