Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Holiday project

Our transplanted gates are now in place, running between the house and fence. Our engineer-fixit friend Dave Hurring  had it all planned and carried out with minimal fuss, and the gates look really good - like they've always been there. All that remains is to give the concrete a few more days to cure, then we'll remove the props and give the swinging gates a final adjustment. Two small pieces of pipe will go in the ground to take the drop-down pins, and we're in business.

I'm off to Lyttelton to paint the deck of my yacht this morning - hopefully before the easterly kicks in around mid-day. One coat of the sandy yellow-cream paint, with a dusting of grip particles, then a second coat to seal the grip in place. That will make the crew feel more secure when standing on the foredeck to rig the spinnaker pole, we've had a few "whoops" moments in recent years.

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