Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Back to work - it's still pretty quiet, but day by day the calls and emails are building. They'll become an avalanche in about three weeks, as we approach the start of semester and teaching staff get their courses ready. Then the term starts, and we'll have students asking why they can't see their online courses; the answer is always the same, "Wait till tomorrow, enrolments are processed over night."

The University has a new timetabling system this year; the team working on it are flat out, and the first timetables were released yesterday, but as it's a new system it may not be finalised until close to the start of teaching on February 20th. Staff are not happy, as the timetable now tells them where and when to teach; in the past they chose their times, and students had to take what they were given. In many cases that meant no lectures before 10am (to get kids to school), no lectures on Fridays (especially after lunch), and so on. Now there are grumbles about having to teach at inconvenient times. At least the new system will improve room usage from the dismal 27% occupancy of previous years.

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