Friday, 20 January 2012

Sailing at last

Now that Impulsive is painted, I've had a sudden urge to get her in the water. Since it looks like I'm not destined to sell the boat at present, I may as well use it, after all. So hopefully I'll get out on Saturday with Chris Hutching and Mark Schroeder; Chris wants to go round to Sumner, so we'll start about 10am.

Impulsive's newly painted cabin top and decks are a shade lighter than the cockpit.
As well as the bare timber that needs oiling or varnishing, the cockpit needs another
painting (with non-skid grit on the floor for less dramatic tacks and gybes).

Anyway here I am, still a boat owner. It's obviously not a year for people to buy recreational toys in Christchurch, so I may as well hang on to it, and use it. As the other guys I've been crewing with are so busy with work that their boat isn't getting much use, using Impulsive is a pretty good Plan B. My plan to build a Jim Young 3.5m sailing dinghy can wait another year or two - I've had the plans for nearly 20 years now, after all, so it will keep.

UPDATE: We prepared to go, then it clouded over and became quite cold (well, 12degC) and Schroeder and I wimped out. He's working on his train layout and I'm going to do the grocery shopping then go for a bike ride.

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