Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ship shape

I went to Lyttelton this morning and started tidying up the paint on the decks and cabin top of my yacht Impulsive, as it's not selling in its present state of presentation. Besides, regardless of its state, with a wooden boat maintenance is not optional, it had to be done anyway.

I attacked several small areas on the side decks with a battery drill and a 3M abrasive wheel to get rid of flaking paint, then feathered them out with hand sanding. I followed that by lightly hand sanding the whole topsides; foredeck, side decks, cabin top, walls, window recesses, and the sliding cabin hatch - it's not a big boat, I did the lot in half an hour. I also filled some cracks and gouges.

After lunch I returned to sand the filled areas, then I went around the sanded patches and gave them a liberal coat of primer. Next week I'll give the topsides a coat of paint with a good shaking of DeckTred, followed by a second coat of paint. The cockpit is a separate job, which I'll leave for a few weeks. The navy blue hull needs the usual annual touch up on the transom, and some touching-up on the starboard bow, which gets the sun when it's sitting in the yard; I've sanded those areas and primed a few bits, then I hope I can do all the final coats in one day, with an early start to do the first deck coat - before the wind makes the DeckTred hard to apply.

OK, buyers, another year's paint-maint is nearly done, even more reason to charge at me waving chequebooks! Otherwise I may as well start using the boat again, regardless of what happens with the boat my crew have bought. They don't seem to be getting out to use it very much, either; the main problem with sailing isn't weather, it's finding the time.

In the meantime, Friday is Heather's birthday, to be marked by a lunch at The Old Vicarage restaurant in Halswell with our friends Nicky and Merv Sarson, and on Saturday, weather permitting, we'll go for a night's camping at Okains Bay on Banks Peninsula. Just for one night - at our age that's enough of air beds and sleeping bags!

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