Saturday, 18 February 2012

More about cycling

Click the link below to see the live map.
I was staggered to see this map of 107 car vs bike crashes on Tamaki Drive in Auckland, from 2003 to the present. Can you spot the pattern? That's right, they're all at the intersections with side roads; the middle of the block is fine, but intersections are dangerous.

You can look at them individually with the Google Map overlay; I've looked at about 1/4 of them, and in most of them the car is at fault. The most common statement is "Didn't see, wasn't aware". That's not much consolation when you're lying in hospital with a broken pelvis. Or dead.

I'm sure that every city will have equivalents, though Auckland's population pressure means that scenic spots like Tamaki Drive will have a lot more cyclists, and this is probably the most dramatic example.

Following on from yesterday's post, I'm having second thoughts about a new bike. Spending $200 or so on my present bike would make it as good as new, so why spend $900 on an Avanti Explorer? (Especially when they'll be $700 in mid winter.)

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