Monday, 27 February 2012

Life and other problems

The first few weeks of the first semester are always a tense time. Usually we have hundreds of support calls of two flavours;  A - "I just enrolled and I can't see my courses" and B - "My course has no students".

The cures are simple. A - wait till tomorrow, enrolments are transferred over night. B - even after all our reminders you still haven't told us that the course is in Semester 1 this year; the course codes must match for students to be enrolled. Fixed now, thanks for letting us know. We can fix the common problems pretty quickly, which is good, because the uncommon ones can take ages to solve.

Anyway, we've had considerably fewer of both flavours of help calls this year. In fact, a considerable amount of our calls are now requests for instructional design help. Hooray, that's the breakthrough we were hoping for, and sending all requests to Helpdesk may have been the catalyst.

The drop in basic level support calls may be a sign of several improvements; better timetabling, a cartoon message on the home page instead of just words, possibly even repeated haranguing of staff. Whatever the reason, there haven't been as many last minute crises as we normally see. (We're not counting February 2011 for obvious reasons.)

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