Sunday, 12 February 2012

Replacement? Yeah, right!

An insulting offer from our insurer this week - they say that our house could be rebuilt for $1060 a square metre. Since our quantity surveyor, and most builders, say that $1600 is more like reality, that could put us $100,000 below what we should be paid. So much for a "total replacement" insurance policy that we've been paying IAG/State for. Their figures say that we could build a 197sq.m. 4 bedroom house for $208,000 - yeah, right!

What's even worse is that our insurer is now ducking for cover, hoping to stall us until the March 23 deadline, when we'll have to accept their offer. Emails and phone calls go unanswered for weeks as they drag out the process. I could take a miscalculation, or an honest disagreement about building costs, but this is now becoming a blatant attempt to cheat us out of our entitlement.

Next step - Go to the media? Complain to the Insurance Ombudsman? Talk to an MP? Insist on a face to face meeting with State? Probably the latter. Watch this space.

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