Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Struck down by the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule - "Those who own the gold make the rules", that is. We've decided to resign ourselves to State's slightly better second offer, and we've asked our lawyer to set the wheels in motion. I still think we've been railroaded, but in the final analysis, a big insurance company has a lot more money for lawyers than we do.

So it's time to cut our losses, take the small increase in their offer (that will at least pay for the bridging loan and the lawyer) and get on with life. We will end this exercise with money in the bank, which is better than a lot of other Red Zone folk are doing, so that will have to do. I won't be inviting any insurance companies around for a barbecue, though, I can promise you that.

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Unknown said...

Hi Greg
Sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations. We're on the Port Hills, our house had a structural engineers report on it May 2011 recommending demolition but we've had no progress since that date despite spending $10k on lawyers.

The situation is shocking and unjust.

Good luck with everything.