Sunday, 11 March 2012

The great shed erection

With the ever capable help of Dave Hurring, the cheapo-tinfoil garden shed we inherited with the house is now firmly attached to the outside wall of our bedroom. Within its new found rigidity we have the long handled garden tools, the lawnmower, and petrol and gas tanks. (Always better to store those outside the house.) It is so small, approx 1.8 x 1.2 metres, that you can get what you want by standing at the door and reaching; it would probably be more truthful to call it a big cupboard. Still, it cuts the clutter in the garage and gets the fire risk outside.

We've even parked cars in the garage this week; my Camry last Sunday to unload groceries in the rain, and the Mazda AZ3 on Friday and Saturday. It's actually pretty awkward to get around, once a car is inside; you have to sidle between the car and the shelves at the end, and you can't lay stuff out on the floor. It's nice to know we can do it, but we may not do it much.

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