Saturday, 24 March 2012

Moving on

On the road back from Coromandel to Auckland, we made a sudden decision to avoid the joys of the southern motorway, and turned up the west side of the Firth of Thames, past Miranda. It was a pretty drive, though most of Miranda's famed seabird population had left for northern climes.

The road carried on through the countryside, eventually bringing us to the semi-urban areas of Clevedon and Whitford, then into Botany and Pakuranga. At that point we realised that we didn't have a decent Auckland street map (I'd left 4 or 5 on a shelf back home) and neither of our phones had a GPS. I'd left my Android tablet home as well.

So we navigated by dead reckoning and guesswork, and found our way to the central city, but then we wasted 20 minutes prowling around Grafton and the Domain area looking for the car rental drop-off. A nice guy at a BP station (not the clueless kids working there) told us how to get to the place in Parnell, and 5 minutes later we met Logan, who was waiting to collect us.

Now we're at the Moss's apartment in central Auckland, planning to go to the Britomart Market for breakfast. Last night we had dinner at a restaurant at Princes Wharf; excellent food, but terrible service. Tonight we go to the Crosby Stills and Nash concert, the original reason for doing this trip, then we have an 11.30am Sunday flight back to Christchurch.

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