Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Still wet

It rained all night, then cleared (well, lifted) from about 11am till 1.30pm. Heather had gone out for a walk about 10.30, and found that The Iron Lady, the Meryl Streep movie about  Margaret Thatcher, was about to begin. She called me but I was just out of the shower and not ready, so she went alone while I stayed at the motel reading.

Earlier in the morning we had considered getting out of Whitianga and going to stay with our friend Logan Moss in Hamilton, but the clear patch gave us hope and we decided to stick with Plan A and stay here, in the hope of getting one good day. After Heather returned and we had lunch, we went for a walk through town and to the ferry wharf, but the rain had picked up to the point where it was stupid to stay outdoors.
The ferry from Whitianga to Cooks Beach; $5 return, each trip takes approx 2 minutes.
So it's back to reading in the motel; I'm trying to complete a couple of recent Wired magazines that are due back on Sunday, and then there's Keith Richards' autobiography "Life", which I've only just started. It's 550 pages, and I've only read 80, but the magazines have a deadline, so they come first.

Of course, we could have stayed in Christchurch, with a sprinkler running on the roof, and saved $130 a night (plus air fares and rental car), but where's the fun in that?

The forecast for tomorrow looks good, so we're living in hope. Tonight we will try one of the local eateries. We could try the starters at Dino's Pizza and Pasta; that salad looks interesting.

UPDATE: We went to the Wild Hog, down by the ferry wharf. They lit the fire, and we had long chats with the chef and other staff as they battened down the hatches for a rough night. They brought tables and umbrellas off the decks, and generally removed anything that wasn't fixed down. The power flickered several times, but it hasn't gone off - yet. Our meals were superb, with excellent wines and coffee.  

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