Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Up and running

Life is well and truly back in the work groove, with lots happening at UC as the term swings into week 3.  We are getting lots of requests from staff, but this year we're noticing more emphasis on good teaching and less on "drop the files and run". Staff have ideas for innovative ways to make their subject interesting, and approach it with the students' needs in mind, much more than they did 5 years ago.

We always thought that sooner or later we'd get over the technological bow wave and get up on the plane (as we boaties say) and this may be that time. In an inside-out sort of way, the February 2011 quake gave teaching a shake-up; it forced everyone to think about what is essential about a subject and ignore the window dressing. Then it forced them to use Moodle seriously, not just as a file bucket - and it shows.

At the end of next week we're off to Auckland, with 6 days in the Coromandel to start with. I'm really looking forward to it. Then it's Easter; it's a tough life.

Oh, I nearly forgot; Schroeder and I went out and did a bit of filming on Sunday morning. We'd heard about a Gap Filler public piano project in Woolston while at the pub on Saturday, and the beer said "Dress up in tails and film it".

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Anonymous said...

Jolly well done Schroeder.
No one would ever guess you are tone death, sorry, deaf.
Loved the percussion section.
Have another beer.
David Russell