Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Boating - maybe

Waiting to see if any of my accomplices want to go boating on a beautiful day. The excellent Lyttelton Port Company weather station says it's a 3 knot NW at 8am, just perfect for putting Julian's launch in the water. An interesting graph from the tides page shows the effect of a big high pressure system - the actual height is lower than predicted because air pressure is pressing down on the ocean surface.

Will we get there? It's hard to say. Watch this space.

[Update] Yes, we went and launched the MV Hawes and had a grand time - until the motor starved of fuel and died. It could be a clogged fuel filter, or possibly fuel hoses that were sucking air; we still had over half a tank of petrol. After stripping and checking everything we could find, we had to be towed in by a really nice guy in his flash power boat. It's a great wee launch though, and shows promise.

Captain Julian in his wheelhouse.
The unnamed launch was originally a 22ft Caribou trailer yacht.
We went all over Lyttelton Harbour before being towed home.

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RossCo said...

Looks like fun! Sucking air is all good tho, unless you're a boat motor.