Monday, 2 April 2012

Semi exotic weekend

We went to see the current big hit movie for the grey and creaky set, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, on Friday night, but it was sold out. We had a meal at a crowded pub in Riccarton and went home to plan a repeat visit.

On Saturday morning I bought advance tickets, and we showed up for the Saturday 6pm session to join the stream of 60-plus people yet again packing the theatre. The movie was OK, but not great, in my opinion. It was also a bit long, and I found myself checking my watch in the second hour. A strong cast of British stars carried the rather weak story along, but I won't be rushing to any similar efforts.

On Sunday I fitted a new outboard motor bracket to my boat, and organised a new tarpaulin cover; a job that's been due for a while. Now back for a 4 day week at work, then after Easter I start a stint as AV group leader.

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