Saturday, 12 May 2012

Memory lane

I recently purchased a slide scanner and today I started on a project I should have started 10 years ago - digitising our old family slides from the 50s and 60s. The slides, mainly taken on Agfa film which has faded, some on Kodachrome which hasn't, were taken when we lived on Nadi Airport in Fiji.

Me and my brother Cam, showing our racing starts at the Airport Club pool.
Living on an airport made me even more of an aircraft wonk. The planes behind me are USAF Lockheed U2 high altitude reconnaisance jets, heading for Australia for "atmospheric research", whatever that meant. (Apologies for the underexposure, even Photoshop couldn't rescue this one.)

Our Mum outside our ex-WW2 officers' house. Joy would have been about 33 or 34 when this was taken.

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Ross said...

Gosh - I remember hours of wet Saturday arvo fun with those slides and electrocuting myself on the old projector occasionally. Keep em coming, that's a great snap of Mum - got me "misty" ya bugger