Monday, 25 June 2012

Changing landscape

"Landscaping" is rather a grand term for tidying up the back yard of a suburban section, but whatever it's called, we're in the middle of it. A wide concrete path now runs from the garage back door along the side of the section to the washing line and vege garden. The gardens themselves will be boosted with 3 large raised garden beds to be placed in their permanent homes this week, and then a garden shed will be constructed against the back fence.

The shed won't hold garden stuff to begin with, though. Its first role will be as storage for stuff from the garage and kitchen, so Fletchers EQR teams can replace cracked kitchen floor tiles and repair (somehow) a crack in the garage floor. Once that's done, it will be spring, and we'll have had a month of cooking with a microwave and a barbecue, so we'll be well and truly ready to use the garden.

Piles mark the location of the shed.

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