Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sorting out heating

As winter settles in, we are noticing a large disparity in warmth between the living-dining-kitchen area and the bedroom end of the house. On Saturday we fitted a panel heater in the hall, to see if we can raise the ambient temperature in the bedrooms. I have my doubts, as the heater is only a 400W model, designed for background heat, but it wasn't expensive so we may as well give it a try.
A 400W panel heater; we hope this will take the chill off the bedroom end of the house.
Some more serious ways we're considering to improve the heating are (a) replace the draughty old ceiling downlights with modern ones that will give more light and can be properly insulated, (b) a heat transfer duct system from the living room to the hall, (c) double glazing, or (d) a second heat pump for the bedroom area. I favour replacing the lights, as we'll save a lot of heat from escaping and get brighter lighting; two wins for one investment.

The other big development this week is that the service alley behind the garage is being concreted. The boxing and gravel base were done in the rain on Thursday, but Friday was too wet for pouring the concrete; they'll come back and finish that in the next few days. Then we'll be able to get to the washing line and garden without scrunching through deep gravel.

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Anonymous said...

We got one of those and put it in the girls room (about 10square metres). It barely heated it - not a problem any more thought. The last 5.2 earthquake put a big crack through the middle of it - doh!

- Sam