Monday, 2 July 2012

The earth moves - again

A photo of 2/3 of Heather's labour force, aka The Miller Boys, who were our neighbours in the rented house at Waitikiri Drive, about 200 metres from our new house. The boys come racing along on their skateboards, dig and lift and heave, then go home for food. They're great young guys, and they have the strength that we seem to have lost over recent years.

The photos also show the raised planter beds that Dave and Alan Global Enterprises Inc, aka "those two blokes from the pub", have built. We may have over-estimated the size, but we will soon have 17 sq.m of arable soil. I think we might erect a tunnel house roof over one of the 3 long beds, for peppers and herbs etc. Alan is also going to fit a built-in irrigation system in each bed, with a hose socket on the end; plug in a hose and little sprinklers will do their thing.

The vegetable garden takes shape.
What's next? Bark chips on the ground around the planter beds, tiles between the side deck and our bedroom, trellis, eventually a lawn... And the shed. That reminds me, buy a big drum of wood stain!

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