Friday, 28 September 2012

Floors today

The compressed bamboo flooring went down today - a smooth and professional job by Mark from Natural Flooring. The cost worked out so close to replacement tiles that the EQR contractors said it was an agreeable alternative, so we have lovely warm toned timber flooring in the entry and the kitchen, where we had rather clunky tiles before.

The flooring has a neat tongue and groove fitting system. It sits on a foam underlay, and it has a strong lacquer top coating. It's ready to walk on as it is laid; and there's no sanding, and no polyurethane fumes. If I sound like a convert, you're very perceptive.

On a totally unrelated note, Alice left today for a 3 week holiday in Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. When she comes back she'll have a new job as a business analyst for a data warehouse project at the CDHB, quite a step up.

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