Thursday, 22 November 2012

New and improved

On December 3rd, a lot of Metro Bus services will change. Our 46 Marshland bus becomes  a 146 to the Palms, then we'll have to switch to cross-town routes, e.g. 44 North Shore-Shirley.

Let's say, just as an example, that someone wanted to travel from Schroeders Tavern on the corner of Warrington and Barbadoes Sts, to Marshlands, after enjoying an after work ale ale. At present that person catches a half-hourly 46 bus and gets taken directly home, for about $3. After Dec 23rd, there will be a 44 bus past the pub at 6.23pm. This will get to the Palms at 6.32pm. Then you just catch the 146 to Alpine View Lane, at - wait for it - 7.18pm! Oh joy, 3/4 of an hour in Marshlands Rd, with the Palms parking building and Burger King for company. That rules it out as a serious transport option.

I predict a bewildering lack of patronage, or as the Metro "planners" call it, ridership. Blah.

UPDATE: It turns out that combining the 7pm Metrostar and the 146 will work OK, though the bibulous bus rider will get home at 7.30, a bit later than optimal.

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