Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Please leave

The University of Canterbury is a very generous employer when it comes to annual leave. We get 5 weeks a year, plus the 3 days between Christmas and New Year. However, we're perennially short staffed and under-resourced so we can't find times when we can take this leave, and it piles up. I realised this week that I already have 20+ days owing, and as our UK/Europe trip is now set for 2014 (it's a long story) I decided we'll have to deal with the problem. The aim is to keep the running total below 20 days, but it's not easy. An added factor is that I have a major software upgrade going live in July 2013; we have to have 2000 courses on Moodle 2 by then. So a winter holiday can't happen until after July.
This graph of leave I'll accumulate (excuse Google Docs US date formats) shows 3 holidays next year.
1 - Late January, camping somewhere. Okains Bay. Hurunui River, Lake Heron... Somewhere in Canterbury.
2 - Easter, probably Wanaka and the West Coast.
3 - September (or earlier if possible) Mackay-Cairns-Whitsundays. Visit Heather's niece Trudy and family in Mackay, sail the Whitsundays for 4-5 days, then Cairns, Daintree rain forest, Barrier Reef - home. That will take three weeks.

Next problem - I'm also owed 10 days of Long Service leave! I have to use that before May 2016, but I  do need to have a plan. I thought holidays were supposed to decrease stress levels...

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