Saturday, 15 December 2012

Still here

I did say I wouldn't be doing much with this blog, but a small update is due - Heather has finished work for the year, I finish next Friday lunchtime with the staff Xmas party at UC. I think I'll catch a bus that day. We are staying in town over Christmas, having Xmas dinner at the Chateau, and generally just goofing around. Some gardening, some sailing, a visit here and there.

I am back on duty on 3rd January, when I'll use the quiet time to do about 1300 course resets taking 3 or 4 days. It's a tedious job; they have to be done in small batches to avoid overloading the server, and checked carefully. On the 12th we will take a week off, and go to Dunedin and Wanaka. So that's our "plans". There are beds here for any passing travellers, of course.

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