Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome back

I came back to work on Thursday and Friday last week, and I started a full week today. That will be a shock to the system, but as I'm off for two weeks after Friday I'll just put my head down and try to get through my long list of course resets.

The reset process for 1000+ courses is a bi-annual chore, to clear out the data stored after last semester's teaching; quiz attempts, forum posts, etc. This involves a lot of database queries as the system chases each course's quizzes and other data. Moodle 1.9's database locks entire tables while it does queries, so I think anyone else trying to work on the system will find it a bit slow. In fact, I think I'll put a note on the home screen apologising for slowness, so the users don't pester Helpdesk too badly.

In the meantime, I kick off a batch of 5 courses, then watch the database processes, while popping in and out of Facebook and other web pages to pass the time. This reset job is tedious enough, but the slowness is making life hard for both me and the users.

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