Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Here comes autumn

We've finally had a break in the series of huge high pressure systems that have sat over the South Island for several months. We've had two days of cooler southerlies and a little rain - and the trees all changed colour in 24 hours! The UC campus is covered in fallen leaves, cars are covered in leaves and chestnut shells each afternoon, and suddenly it's autumn.

We probably only have a few more sailing days this season, before I put the boat to bed for the winter. We'll lower the mast, and rig up a new tarpaulin to cover the hull for the winter. Anything that might get damp has to come home, so winter condensation won't grow mildew on life jackets and spare clothing, etc.

Then I suppose we'll start to think about skiing.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Where was I?

I haven't been posting here - it takes time and thought, and who needs those when you have Twitter? Actually, I haven't used that very much either - the usual start of semester blast has been on us, but we're through the worst.

As always, most of our problems come from people (a) forgetting advice they were given a month ago, (b) not even reading the email they were sent a month ago, or (c) not reading the message on the login screen, just where they type their use code and password. Humans - gotta love'm! Still, it's a living.

I'll say something for our present management, they have the knack of turning happy functioning work teams to debris, and they can kill morale with a single thoughtless edict. I'll watch their progress with interest, in the spirit of Jules Pfeiffer, the great cartoonist.