Friday, 8 March 2013

Where was I?

I haven't been posting here - it takes time and thought, and who needs those when you have Twitter? Actually, I haven't used that very much either - the usual start of semester blast has been on us, but we're through the worst.

As always, most of our problems come from people (a) forgetting advice they were given a month ago, (b) not even reading the email they were sent a month ago, or (c) not reading the message on the login screen, just where they type their use code and password. Humans - gotta love'm! Still, it's a living.

I'll say something for our present management, they have the knack of turning happy functioning work teams to debris, and they can kill morale with a single thoughtless edict. I'll watch their progress with interest, in the spirit of Jules Pfeiffer, the great cartoonist.

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