Saturday, 20 April 2013

Landmark reached

Alternating periods of boredom and worry have culminated in a Learn 2 system (Moodle 2.4, actually) with over 800 courses up and running. Check out the message near the bottom of this screenshot.

Next week there will be another 100 or so, but they'll be a bit harder to identify, so we'll be adding them in small batches as we work through the lists. That's the royal "we", as Jess has been seconded to be head of the Learning Technologies Support (ex AV) unit; their manager has had to return to the US for personal reasons. So really it's just me. Anyway, it's a major step in being ready to go live in July.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Still here

There's too much happening at present; we're planning for the migration of 800 courses to the Moodle 2 system next week, tomorrow I won't have a PC because the Windows 7 upgrades are happening, and I've got the OK to attend this year's Australian Moodle Moot. A week in Melbourne in late June will be a nice break - but it takes a lot of organising to get fares and accommodation sorted out.

Add to that another Australian trip, for a 4 week break in Queensland in September-October; a week in Port Douglas, two weeks in the Mackay area visiting Heather's niece Trudy and family, plus a side trip for a few days yachting in the Whitsundays, then on to Noosa and Brisbane for another week. And this Thursday Heather and I visit a financial adviser to set up something better than bank term deposits for our savings. Never a dull moment...

Yachting is pretty much over, though I hope we'll get another day or two before we pack the boat away for the winter. With the end of daylight saving, cycling has gone into winter mode; I've put fresh batteries in my bike lights, and fitted little flashing lights to the tyre valves, so people approaching me at right angles will see flashing circles of light. (I hope!)

So there are some reasons why this blog isn't getting updated very often.