Saturday, 18 May 2013

Where was I?

Almost a month since my last post here, time for a summary. Learn (Moodle) 2.4 is getting ready to go live in the first week of July. We're doing our best to let people know, but it doesn't always get to the audience. I've learned that "Nobody told me" is code for "I haven't read any of your emails".

We used to have two people in the critical Moodle admin positions, but with a sinking lid hiring regime, and changes in jobs, there's now one developer and one administrator (me) for the e-learning system serving 2000+ courses. We're back to where we were in 2006, in terms of staffing. These are risky times; a resignation or illness will guarantee a crisis, as there is no backup at all for what we do.

We get a week in Melbourne in late June, for the Australian Moodle Moot. That will be great, comparing ideas and tips with our peers from around Australasia and wider. Mr Moodle, Martin Dougiamas, will be there as well, so we'll get the dinkum oil, cobber. I'll also get to meet the teacher of an online course I've been doing - Dr Charles Severance, aka Dr_Chuck, is a keynote speaker on the last day of the Moot.

We've booked for a 3 week holiday in Queensland in September-October, mostly at beaches - more on that later.

I've inherited a set of Volkl GS race skis, courtesy of long time mate Robin Judkins. Robin sold the Coast to Coast event recently, and he's simplifying his life before starting to rebuild his house on Clifton Hill in Sumner - so out went several pairs of skis. They're a bit more high-energy than I was thinking of for my next pair of skis, but I'll just have to put a bit of work in and enjoy the ride, even if I do knock off at 2pm because I'm exhausted!

That's the current state of play - I'm biking to UC about half the time, Heather is swimming regularly and getting the garden ready for winter, and we're thinking more seriously about retirement - but not quite yet!

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