Monday, 15 July 2013

Customer service, 2013 style

A conversation with Vodafone.

My monthly voice call usage, according to the mobile My Account app, is 45 minutes of calls, with 55 minutes remaining. As I'm on a Smart19 Data plan with 50 mins total, this seems odd. I checked it by logging on to the web site and downloaded a CSV file - calls add up to 15 minutes & 20 seconds.

Can you please investigate this discrepancy? Can I trust the mobile app?

I'm really sorry to hear about that. I have confirmation from our service operations team that there is a known issue with our online tracker system and that the issue should rectify itself on your next Smart19Data renewal date. In the meantime, we would strongly recommend checking your balances via txt or calling 777 every few hours or so to get an updated balance.

We know there's a problem, use alternative methods. It will reset itself next month. (It did.) And don't rely on Vodafone's mobile usage app for Android.

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