Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Yesterday, a long time ago

Einstein was right - time certainly is relative, it expands and contracts depending on what you look at. The first Christchurch earthquake (aka the Darfield quake) was three years ago today. It seems ages ago in some ways; we had a bit over a year renting Leanne Russ's house, four or five changes of office at UC, a couple of holidays - but in other ways it seems like yesterday. Now we've been in our new house for 18 months, but many memories stay clear and strong.

As we stumbled around in the dawn half light on September 4th 2010, with the impact of the quake dawning on us as we found foot-wide cracks, piles of bricks, and areas of wet silt, I said to Heather, "We're going to get a new house out of this." And so it turned out - though not in River Road, sadly.

The last of our neighbours have left our block between Medway Street and Dallington Terrace, half the houses have been demolished, and nobody knows what the area will look like in a few more years. I can promise one thing, though - if Gerry Brownlee decides to remediate that land and sell it to developers, Heather will be inserting a placard where he'll feel it the most!

We really hope that the Avon River Park plan gets accepted; the whole city is missing the lovely walk/cycle from town to New Brighton. Bring back the riverside pathways!

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