Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Still here

This blog has developed dust and cobwebs. I'll give it a spring clean one day, but finding the half an hour a blog post needs doesn't come easily. And I feel a bit self-important woffling on about my thoughts - they're usually best kept under a bushel. Or my hat. Or something. So I'm Facebooking quite a lot and Tweeting now and then. It fits with my diminished attention span.

Now for something completely different - I turn 65 in a month from today. I had a medical today so I can keep my truck licence when we renew our licences next Tuesday. (I've also had an eye test.) After the drivers licences we go to Social Welfare (or whatever they're called these days) for a 1.5hr (!!!) interview - each. I thought the Government already knew about me - it's taught me, employed me, taxed me, healed me, why do they need a long interview? Do they think someone will pretend to be me to collect the fabuslous riches they offer? Or do they hope I'll break down under the relentless bureaucrat-speak and say, "I give up, I don't want your pension anyway"? As a cost cutting strategy it doesn't seem that well thought through.

Maybe I should devote this blog to the experiences of a debutante superannuitant. That's not a bad idea.